Welcome to the Sangam School of Visual Arts and Culture

A haven where creativity thrives, and imagination finds its voice. Our vibrant campus is more than an educational institution; it’s a living canvas that encourages diverse talents, fostering artistic excellence and cultural exploration. At Sangam, we believe in the power of visual arts and culture to inspire, provoke thought, and shape the world. Join a passionate community of artists, filmmakers, and culture enthusiasts, where your artistic journey is nurtured, and your vision is brought to life.

Our Vision and Mission

Sangam School of Visual Arts and Culture envisions being a transformative force in the realm of visual arts and culture, cultivating a community of artists who not only express themselves creatively but also contribute meaningfully to society. Our mission is to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where artistic excellence is celebrated, diverse voices are heard, and cultural exploration is at the forefront of the learning experience.

Postgraduate Diploma (P.G.Diploma) Courses

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Sangam School of Visual Arts and Culture extends its commitment to artistic excellence through specialized Postgraduate Diploma Courses. These programs offer in-depth exploration of advanced topics, allowing artists and cultural enthusiasts to deepen their expertise in areas such as Curatorial Practices, Film Production, and Visual Communication.

Certificate Courses

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For individuals seeking focused skill development in specific areas, Sangam offers a variety of Certificate Courses. These courses cover topics such as Photography, Graphic Design, and Art History, providing participants with practical skills and knowledge to kickstart or enhance their careers in the creative industries.

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery at Sangam School of Visual Arts and Culture

Here, imagination meets expression, and creativity knows no bounds. Join a community that values the transformative power of the arts and is dedicated to shaping the creators and storytellers of tomorrow.

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Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of artistic discovery at Sangam School of Visual Arts and Culture!